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Libertarianism and the Abortion Debate

Libertarians are as divided on the issue of abortion as the rest of America. There are those who say the rights of the individual mandate that the baby must be counted as a human being and given all rights. While others think that the rights of the individual mandate that we protect the women’s body. In the light of the Gosnell Trial, the abortion issue is coming back into view of the American conscious after a long slumber. This video is long but worth the watch. I hope you consider the different view points presented by the panelists and clarifies the issue to you.

Ron Paul on Abortion in 1997


One thought on “Libertarianism and the Abortion Debate

  1. Perhaps someday I’ll find an hour to actually watch that video. In the meantime I’ll offer this: abortion is one of the areas liberals embrace by extolling the virtues of personal liberty while crying foul over government control. Personal liberty and limited government control are the keystones of typical libertarianism and thus abortion would seem to be an issue were liberals and libertarians could come together. However, this still requires both liberals and libertarians to dismiss the notion that an unborn baby is a human. In defense of abortion the liberal war cry has always been “human rights!” Yet in the same breath we fail to understand the right to be human. The fight for human rights will always be unwinnable unless we remember that the most basic and unalienable human right is the right to be human.

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