This blog is dedicated to the notion that the freedom of ideas are what truly makes us a free, moral, and prosperous society. In light of this we’ve attempted to assemble writers from different philosophies, ideologies, and backgrounds to truly establish a marketplace of competing ideas.

The Authors:



Josh is a recent graduate from the University of New Hampshire School of Law and B.A. in History from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is a libertarian leaning-conservative that has adopted the New Hampshire motto, “Live Free or Die”. Josh has worked for the Allegheny County Office of the Public Defender, an Immigration Law Firm, served as In House Counsel for a Western Pennsylvania Natural Gas Company, and is currently working for a Pittsburgh law firm doing oil and gas law.




Jay is formerly from the Philadelphia area but currently serves as a high school science teacher in the Pittsburgh. Jay has a M.A. and B.A. in Education from  the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Jay is an open-minded, hard-working teacher, with conservative leaning political stances and a scary passion for the Philadelphia Phillies.




Jeff is an English Professor at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Jeff, formerly from Buffalo, NY, received his PHD from Indiana University of Pennsylvania  his MA from Buffalo State College, and a BA from Canisius College. Jeff typically leans liberal on most issues and can school anyone on Buffalo Bills trivia.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I have a question. Is it actually legal to charge and convict someone of murder when the supposed victim has not yet been declared legally dead? This happened to two men here in Alaska. The person was last seen on a Friday evening, no search was conducted other than driving up and down a few streets (never getting out of the car) and no request to the public asking if anyone had seen her (no missing posters, news articles declaring her missing). The news articles all stated the immediate assumption she had been kidnapped and killed. The men were arrested within hours and a grand jury convened within 4 days. The standard three day wait to even report someone missing was skipped completely.

    It is very easy to get someone declared dead in Alaska yet the state did not have that done because there was absolutely nothing to show she was dead and they did not do the routine missing persons search etc. Yet AFTER the men were convicted then they were able to get a presumption of death based on the conviction.

    Is that really legal? I find it very hard to believe it is. But there is much about this case that is unbelievable. Evidence was planted, witnesses were allowed to sit together and work out their statements. Testimony changed repeatedly. All in all it is a mind boggling case.

  2. Under your section about the stand your ground laws and the castle doctrine, you have cited a Supreme court case regarding the situation. My question is an update or an off-shoot- zero-tolerance bullying policies. These policies state that, for example, if a student punches another student and the victim punches the other student back, both get the same punishment. This is the same policy regardless of whether or not the victim provoked the violence. Now, bullying policies need to be in place, but is there something unconstitutionak about someone being punished for defending themsekves or is this null and void due to age?

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